The Eheim Filter Range

Aquarium filtration is a challenge to get correct, with a number of variables that must be balanced to create a safe and happy environment for your fish. You must not only consider the volume and desired composition of the water you will filter, but the specific needs of the fish living within. For those looking for a quality brand, the Eheim filter range features varieties of mix-and-match configurations that can meet just about any aquarium filtration need. Read on to learn more about what Eheim filters offer.


Eheim canister filters use both mechanical and biological methods to purify your aquarium water, ensuring a clean environment for the enjoyment of both your fish and yourself. Water first enters Eheim’s mechanical filtration process, which swirls water to remove coarse particles. It is then circulated through Eheim Mech, a material that effectively strains even more debris from the water. It is further filtered through even finer-grained materials before it enters the second stage, Eheim’s biological filtration process.

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Water is next pumped through colonies of filtration bacteria. These colonies thrive on dirt and other biological wastes that are harmful to your aquarium. Eheim’s biological filters maximize the amount of surface area available such that larger spaces are available for bacteria colonies to form and thrive.

The final stage of the Eheim filter process is adsorptive filtration. Here, chemical additives such as chlorine that were missed in other filtration steps are stripped from the water. This is particularly useful in new aquariums, or when medications have been recently used.

Different aquatic environments feature different needs. As such, any Eheim filter features many options for each stage in the filtration process. Some are tailored to filtering small volumes of fresh water, while others are suited for large, saltwater installations. Regardless of your needs, Eheim filters feature a configuration that will meet them.

Key Products

Regardless of whether your needs are professional or hobbyist, Eheim always features a filter for you. Its Eheim Professional line is an external canister design for aquariums up to 250 liters, sporting an efficient design with many adjustable flows and easily replaced filter baskets. The Professional II improves this design even more, providing support for priming and filtering aquariums with 600-liter capacity.

Pros and Cons

As has been illustrated, Eheim filters are quite configurable, and certainly feature a combination that meets even the most obscure filtration need. It is a versatile line, constructed of durable materials and at high quality.

There are a few cons, however. Eheim’s quality and durability comes at a cost, and as such, they are more expensive than many canister filters available on the market. Also, earlier models lack a self-priming feature and are difficult to prime manually. In response to these concerns, Eheim has made available an external priming aid tool that works with all external filters. In addition, Eheim has greatly improved the self-priming capabilities of newer models.

The Eheim filter is an excellent choice for any aquarium filtration need, be it a small freshwater aquarium in the home or a large, professional-grade installation in an office or business. Quality construction and high efficiency results in a great investment that will vastly improve the quality and enjoyment of your aquarium, so get your very own Eheim filter today to discover aquarium filtration at its best.

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